What Exactly is a Holistic Esthetician ?

What Exactly is a Holistic Esthetician ?

Many of our clients ask:  What exactly is holistic esthetics?  Does it differ from traditional esthetics?  And why is it essential to use holistic skincare products? 

Today, we will attempt to answer these questions. You’ll learn the holistic approach and why it’s generally better and beneficial. 

The belief in a non-invasive approach to skincare

LED Facial

The term holistic represents the belief that all parts are intimately interconnected.  You cannot treat one part without addressing the whole.  

Therefore, in holistic skincare,  we do not focus on the skin alone but on the individual’s well-being, from their mental state to lifestyle choices. For instance, stress and anxiety significantly impact the skin,  from making problems such as rosacea and eczema worse to even triggering acne.  So,a traditional esthetician who only recommends topical applications to deal with these issues fails to connect the underlying issue. 

Similarly,  the conventional approach to skincare leans heavily on using invasive skin treatments, including: 

  •   Chemical peels
  •   Microneedling
  •   Dermabrasion

These treatments are considered invasive because they rely on changing the biological structure of the skin. 

In holistic esthetics,  beautiful skin is achieved without invasive techniques that have side effects.  Some of the approaches include: 

  •   Facials that rely on natural cleansers to exfoliate dead skin cells And cleanse the pores. Steaming facials may also fall in the realm of a holistic natural approach since they don't require harsh chemicals.
  •   LED Light therapy is also a common approach used to treat skin conditions under a holistic approach.  Some of the skin conditions that these methods are effective against include acne, aging skin, and hyperpigmentation.
  •   Ultrasound entails using ultrasound waves to penetrate the skin to cleanse, hydrate, increase circulation, promote collagen production, and kill bacteria.

The holistic esthetician may combine other conventional skin treatment techniques. They are usually well trained and versed in many fields. They will use special tools in their practice,  for instance, the famous Gua Sha Stone. 

Many holistic estheticians also have extensive training in nutrition as it relates to skin health. They will also be quick to help you implement long-term home-based skincare regimens and steer you away from lifestyle choices that may damage your skin. 

Natural Skin Junkie Practices Holistic Esthetics Through Its Approach and Organic Formulations

A holistic esthetician will always recommend natural and food-based treatments that have been shown to effectively provide anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and healing benefits to damaged skin. 

At Natural Skin Junkie,  we use a scientific-based approach when formulating products that are backed by science yet every ingredient that goes into our products is natural and full of potent benefits. 

We provide a range of cleansers, lotions, serums, toners and home facial kits. Our popular facial kits come stocked with all the products required for monthly and daily skincare regimens.

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